Other short stories and books by Daniel Ross-Stiel

Other selected published short stories and books by author Daniel Ross-Stiel include:


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An ordinary man finds a video camera on the street and discovers his life is changed and family threatened by the images of a future only he can see when he looks into the viewfinder.

The Place called Forgotten

In the crumbling square of a desolate Arizona town called Forgotten sits a normally dry and dusty fountain that lifts the hopes and fixes the wrongs of the innocent victims who drink its’ aptly-timed flowing waters.


Two young brothers discover an ancient Indian village along the shores of a Southern California beach and the secret behind its disappearance.  Based on a true story.

Bank Holiday

An unfortunate fellow down on his luck is sent to New Orleans to make a sales call to save his job and marriage, only to find himself the unwitting finder of a bag full of loot tossed aside from a botched bank robbery. He struggles with the conflict of doing the right thing, keeping the cash, and ditching the bad guys hot on his trail.

The Lord of Mercedes

A broken-down man who lives in an abandoned Los Angeles-area Mercedes-Benz car dealership in the post-apocalyptic world inspires his neighbors and fellow survivors to fight back against the sinister forces determined to destroy them, while reigniting their hope for the future.

Hot Rod High

Teenagers on summer break from their Huntington Beach, California high school in the 1970s spend a summer chasing love, the perfect wave, sun tans, fast cars, an encounter with a famous hot rod builder, and a blonde movie star.

New Stories in Development:

  • Retribution
  • Hacked
  • Angry Men