Zorro comes alive in Long Beach

The excitement and mystery of Zorro will come alive during the Long Beach Public Library Foundation’s 11th

Annual Long Beach Reads One Book celebration. This month-long, multi-event program begins in March and will

have everyone in Long Beach excited about one incredible book: Isabel Allende’s Zorro.

The novel, which chronicles Zorro’s childhood and adolescence, begins as the young Diego de la Vega and his

Native American “brother” Bernardo, grow up in the 1790s in Alta California during a time when the Spanish

colonial government, the missionaries and the various Native American populations in California are struggling to

live together peacefully.

“Isabel Allende’s Zorro is a fast moving, historical, romantic and dramatic novel, and we encourage everyone to

begin reading now so they will be ready for all the amazing activities that will take place in March,” said Susan

Redfield, Chair of Long Beach Reads One Book.