When and why should you fire a high-performing sales rep?

John Treace, a business turnaround specialist and author, recommended in a recent article, “If the highest performer on the team has a bad attitude, isn’t a team player, or fails to uphold company values or support management decisions, you’d better fire him or her. You know the type: He or she sits at the back table during a meeting on teambuilding and takes shots at management for wasting everyone’s time. A bad attitude can poison a whole sales force. Even worse, keeping the bad apple on the sales force only on account of individual performance sends the signal to the rest of the sales team that all management cares about is numbers. This can stir up resentment and be bad for company morale and overall performance. Having a good team is better than having one high-performing employee.”

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John Treace, has spent 14 years saving companies on the verge of bankruptcy by restructuring their sales departments