Who’s the Better Manager — Kirk or Spock?

There is a reason Kirk was the Captain and not Spock. It’s a question of Emotional Intelligence. We’re not talking about IQ (Intelligence Quotient). We’re talking about something that might be even more important to your career success in business or as Captain of the Enterprise – the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

EQ is a measurement of a person’s emotional intelligence – the ability to engage and connect with others, work collaboratively, build teams, respond positively to change and successfully assume leadership roles. In fact, research indicates that a high EQ (James T. Kirk) is a better indicator of your ability to succeed in management than a high IQ (Mr. Spock).

Trademarks of dynamic and successful business managers (and Starfleet captains for that matter) mirror those who are members of the high EQ club. Managers and superior EQs are highly motivated and can combine individual and group priorities towards a common goal. The Captain Kirks of the business world welcome challenges and change — and then excel at navigating their organizations and teams through the chaos.

So, how can you become Captain of your own Starship Enterprise? More agile? An instrument of change and adaptation in your organization? USC Marshall Professor James J. Owens has emphasized 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence to increase your skill set and strengthen your core competencies:

· Self-Awareness: Being able to read emotions and recognize their impact on actions

· Self-Regulation: self-control, able to adapt to changing circumstances

· Motivation: develop others and act as a catalyst for change

· Social Awareness: ability to sense, understand, and leverage others’ emotions

· Social Skill: ability to inspire and influence while managing conflict