Android Activates 500,000 handsets daily

Android, Google’s smart phone juggernaut, now has 135 million active devices. This total is significantly lower than Apple’s, which has 200 million iOS devices active as of June. Much of the differential is likely due to the iPod Touch — which has no major Android competition — and the iPad tablet — which has vastly outsold Android tablets.

Apple in June said it was activating 275,000 new handsets a day. In June, Google said it was at 500,000 a day. Android Manager Andy Rubin declared on Twitter that activations were increasing at a 4.4 percent weekly growth. During the Google earnings call, Google confirmed this growth rate, announcing activations of 550,000 handsets a day, a figure Mr. Page called "a huge number, even by Google’s standards."

In April 2011, Android was at 350,000 activations daily.

Google still trails Apple in apps and app downloads. During the Google earnings call, Mr. Page announced total app downloads had reached 6 billion, well behind the 15 billion downloads Apple users have logged.