Local writer walks in Padre Serra’s footsteps

Veteran radio contributor and devoted re-enacter Charlie Schroeder has relived more history than you, me and anyone you know, probably. He’s fought in the Civil War, dressed as a Roman Legionaire and rowed down river for four days straight in a 18th century replica boat. And while his new project isn’t necessarily as grueling as a row down the St Lawrence river, it could be his most ambitious project yet Says Schroeder:

This Saturday, January 8th, I’ll dress as a Spanish Friar (tonsure haircut, brown habit, sandals and all) and walk the 26.7 miles between the San Gabriel and San Fernando Missions. Along the way I’ll be talking and passing out informational fliers with the hopes of bringing the area’s 18th century Spanish and Native histories into three dimensions for 21st century Angelenos: Why were the Spanish here? What did they hope to accomplish? How did their presence impact the lives of the local inhabitants?

The public is welcome to attend the event, even follow him along (he’s asking a $5 donation from participants, all proceeds will go to the two missions and the Gabrieleno-Tongva Tribe’s scholarship fund).   If you want to keep up on what Charles is doing, you can follow him on Twitterand go to his website for a detailed map of where–exactly–he plans to walk.

[Image of Mission San Gabriel courtesy LAPL photo collection



Local writer walks in Padre Serra’s footsteps.