Come Home to Povuu’ngna at Rancho Los Alamitos

Come Home to Povuu’ngna at Rancho Los Alamitos

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Noon – 4:30
Free Admission

Parking for this event will be at CSULB
with free shuttle to the Rancho.

‘Eyooyok Tovaar Shahoovayt (Mother Earth is Sacred )

Povuu’ngna is the sacred place of emergence of the Gabrielino/Tongva community. “Come Home to Povuu’ngna at Rancho Los Alamitos” as we honor the native people of the Los Angeles basin and consider how they remember their ancestors and care for their home today. Explore how memories of land and sea are revealed anew in the foods of native California, in its medicines, songs and dances, stories and art, and how the landscape of the past offers new sources of creative wisdom to a contemporary world seeking hope for future generations.

This special program is presented in collaboration with artists, dancers, story tellers and members throughout the Tongva communities. Join us for the processional honoring the ancestors, featured exhibits on California native foods and cultural materials, along with presentations of Tongva ancestral storytelling, dance, music and games that evoke the spirit of Mother Earth.

The afternoon will include hands-on arts and craft experiences such as Ti’at (canoe) construction, sand painting, design of dolphin crowns and scallop shell necklaces as well as a live raptor exhibit and storytelling that will engage and delight children. Families will learn about games and toys that helped the Tongva and Chumash children prepare for their roles in adult society.

Adults and children alike will enjoy demonstrations of modern day techniques of processing and preparation of California native plant foods. There will be sample tastings of acorn wiiwiish, chia seed and yucca blossom and Chef Debbi Dubbs will demonstrate the use of cactus in a contemporary recipe.

Many more demonstrations and exhibits are in store for event participants.