The Tongva and Astrology

We found this interesting reference to the Tongva in the world of Astrologist Kirsti Melto in her Lunations column for Wednesday, March 11, 2009 :

In Sagittarius a Kuiper belt planet Quaoar is forming a T-square with the Sun and the Moon. Quaoar is in exact square to the Luminaries. The orbital period of Quaoar is about 287 years. Quaoar has a satellite which hasn’t been named yet.

Quaoar is named for the Tongva creator god. The Tongva are the native people of the area around Los Angeles, where the discovery of Quaoar was made. According to the myth, Quaoar sings and dances the world and other deities into existence. Quaoar was sorrowed by the emptiness in existence and began to dance, whirl, and twirl all about while he sang the song of creation. God of the Sky was first to be formed of the creation melody. Next came the goddess of the Earth. These two new deities joined in the dance and created the Sun and Moon. Together these five sang and danced everything else into existence: animals, plants, people, and the other gods as well.

Scientists have been surprised to find crystalline ice on Quaoar. Being so far from the Sun, Kuiper belt objects should not be warm enough to form crystalline ice without some sort of unusual circumstance. How did the crystalline ice form and why is it still there? Is there a volcano on Quaoar? The impacts of micrometeorites may have raised the temperature of the surface enough to produce crystalline ice. The most discussed theory speculates that cryovolcanism may be occurring. A cryovolcano is an icy volcano. Rather than molten rock, these volcanoes erupt volatiles such as water, ammonia or methane.

Quaoar is a great creative and inspiring force. Mark Andrew Holmes’ keywords for Quaoar include creating abstract mental models.

Eric Francis’ research suggests that Quaoar deals with the family patterns that we enter unconsciously from birth. It is associated with the power of our personal creation mythologies (everything from how we were created, to how we ‘create ourselves’ in the process of life). These are patterns that existed before we were born and into which we were integrated without really noticing, like picking up a dance by feeling the rhythm of the music.

Quaoar in the chart can reveal to us something hidden and difficult to notice otherwise, like the eruption of an icy volcano. Planets in square aspect to each other create tension and action. The bright light of the Full Moon helps us to see clearly. Quaoar in square to the Sun and Moon may help us to break free from the old patterns from the past. Let’s dance!

Reference: Lunations