Puvungna – the novel by Daniel Ross Stiel unveils book cover

The cover of the new novel by Daniel Ross Stiel, Puvungna, features a classic 1907 Edward Curtis photograph of a Qahatika girl.

The Qahatika were a tribe of native Americans living in the Southwest near present day Phoenix, Arizona. Some academics believe the Tongva may be close relatives of the Qahatika.

According to the author, “Qahatika Girl best captures the historical essence of one of the key characters in the story. She is proud, full of hope, and yet visibly apprehensive about her future.”

Edward Curtis was one of North America’s most important photographers of Native Americans because of his prolific body of work, and accurate portrayal of dress and natural settings.

However, some critics believe Stiel should have used a real Tongva person on the cover. He points out that, “Very few truly powerful historical photographs exist of documented Tongva people. None that I’ve seen equals the powerful image of Qahatika Girl. I hope modern-day Tongva people understand why I chose this young woman to represent their people.”

The cover of the new book was designed by John Salazar, an internationally renowned graphic designer and artist.