‘Celebrate Ballona’ marks 5th anniversary of state acquiring wetlands

The Ballona Wetlands south of Marina del Rey
occupy more than 600 acres today, a fraction of the more than 2,000 original acres.

The ecological reserve is home to a variety of wildlife species, including endangered birds, fish and other aquatic animals.

Approximately 540 acres of the wetlands is now owned by the California Department of Fish and Game; the remainder is owned by the State Lands Commission.

The Ballona Institute, a center for research, restoration and advocacy for the wetlands, is holding "Celebrate Ballona," scheduled Tuesday, December 2nd, at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, 4375 Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey.

All proceeds from Celebrate Ballona will go toward defraying legal costs incurred during the campaign for the wetlands’ acquisition, as well as toward ongoing stewardship, educational and advocacy programs related to the Ballona ecosystem. Visit Celebrate Ballona for details.